Web design for small businesses, practices, freelancers …


Especially as a small business, freelancer, doctor or similar, you often do not have the time to take care of a professional appearance on the Internet. I will gladly take over the design, maintenance and, if you wish, the hosting for your website.

Your website should look modern and up-to-date? I follow the trends in web design and implement them aesthetically in my projects.
It is important to me that the website is user-friendly on the notebook, but also on the smartphone or tablet.
A 5-inch smartphone display has different requirements for the website than the 4K monitor on the desk.
I design your site so that the right layout is automatically delivered to your visitors. In the technical language this is called “responsive design”. The websites I create are designed from the start to be responsive and thus adapt to the end device of the visitor to your website.

If you are at home in the region of Laupheim, Biberach, Ulm, we can meet for a coffee to discuss your web project. But we can also make arrangements quickly and easily by e-mail, team viewer etc.

Whether it’s the web design of a small one-page website, e.g. for freelancers, a complex multilingual web presence for your company or a blog you want to run as a hobby: everything is possible. The costs depend on the scope. Please contact me for an individual offer.
We will agree on whether you provide me with complete texts and photos or to what extent I should help you with the formulation or finding the right photos.

If you would like to make minor changes to your pages yourself, you are welcome to do so in a comfortable way.
You will receive a short introduction to the WordPress-Editor from me, so that you can make smaller changes yourself.
And if something should go wrong, we simply fall back on an existing backup of the page.

You want to concentrate on your core business? Then simply leave the maintenance of your Internet presence completely to me. I will then bill you on an hourly basis or within the framework of a maintenance contract.

As a rule I create my projects with WordPress. With the huge WordPress community behind us, this system is future-proof and reliable.